BVI Advantages to Asian Businesses & Individuals

The BVI provides clients true value for money, offering straightforward, flexible and proven structures used by leading Asian businesses and individuals for more than 25 years. We are able to leverage our extensive knowledge and mature infrastructure across the region to maximise our benefit to clients. As Asia’s economies open up, the BVI will continue to be the go-to jurisdiction for Asian offshore investment.

Strong international reputation:
The BVI is ranked as the most important offshore financial centre in the Global Financial Centres Index and the Offshore 2020 report, enhancing investor perception and priming businesses for an early mover advantage. The BVI is compliant with international standards and its standards consistently meet the highest possible benchmarks. The BVI’s robust regulatory regime is recognized by international organizations, such as the International Monetary Fund and the Financial Action Task Force. The BVI also received top-tier ranking from the International Financial Stability Board.

Cost effectiveness: The BVI is known as the most cost-effective jurisdiction in which to do business. The set up fees for a company, partnership, fund or trust arrangement are relatively low, and operating fees are minimal.

Efficiency: The BVI’s innovative legislation facilitates efficient incorporation and administration of companies. There are no requirements for annual shareholder meetings, no requirements to file audited accounts, and no requirements for directors to reside in the BVI, ensuring simple and quick corporate transactions.

Legal and commercial certainty: The BVI’s legal system is based on English common law, familiar to lawyers trained in other common law jurisdictions, such as Hong Kong or Singapore. The BVI is also home to a well-regarded commercial court backed by a robust legal framework. The court system deals with matters expeditiously, economically and proportionately, and its highest court of appeal is the London Privy Council.

Tax and Foreign Exchange Neutrality: BVI companies are tax neutral, and there are no foreign exchange controls or corporate tax in the BVI, so BVI companies can be used in international investment planning without fear of additional layers of tax.

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